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Yellow Bridge
Therapy Center

Guiding You On The Path Of Self-Healing

Building bridges not walls, one day at a time

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My Philosophy

At The Yellow Bridge Therapy Center, LLC, I advocate for your mental health. I offer a safe, non-judgmental space for individuals, families and couples to explore personal issues, relationship challenges, recognize problematic patterns, and formulate new options and solutions to improve their quality of life.


I am professional, compassionate, and expertly trained to partner with you to achieve your psychotherapeutic and wellness goals. I utilize culturally appropriate, evidence-based approaches, such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and in-depth techniques to address your needs.

My Specializations


Men's Issues



Coping Skills

Obsession in Perfectionism

Self-Esteem Building

Life Transitions

Team Building

Our Services

What are our Clients Saying?

Very Mind Clearing Experience To Have Someone Be Calm And Relate To You

January 2023


"Where you stand determines what you see and what you do not see; it determines also the angle you see it from; a change in where you stand changes everything"

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