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About Us...

Yellow Bridge Therapy Center is a private practice independently owned and operated by family. 

It is our belief that everyone struggles with issues to varying degrees affecting their mental health. Patterns will either disrupt or encourage outcomes highlighting a widely practiced CBT approach, Think-Feel-Behave Cycle. The way you think when faced with a circumstance, affects how you feel, how you feel impacts how you behave, how you behave determines how you show up for yourself and others everyday.

About Me...

I am a licensed professional counselor with over ten years of experience treating adults, young adults, and families in outpatient, school, and residential settings. Over the years I have developed a passion for supporting my clients in an individual and group setting as they each lend unique benefits to personal development. 


I truly saw the need for more mental health professionals in our community when I lost his father by suicide as a young adult. Since that day I began my journey of understanding the mind and how it works. My work experience post college continued to lead me down the path of mental health and other helping professions.


I earned my Bachelors degree from Fort Valley State University and later my Masters from Capella University. 

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